the secrets of QR codes

on your business card, brochures & other marketing materials
the sides of trucks and trailers, product tags & packaging
convention & event name-tags, restaurant menus
event ticket stubs, point-of-sale receipts, websites or anywhere

sheema mahmud
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Curious to know what's hidden behind these QR Codes? Do you have a smart phone, then waiting for what? act smart install a QR code reader on your 'smart phone' & see the myth of these beautiful tiny patterns
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do you know how QR Codes can grow your business?
QR-Codes are two-dimensional images that can contain information such as URLs, contact information (like Business Cards), automatic Tweets, Location Maps, Simple test and other information that the creator of the code intended to produce.

QR-codes can help your business achieve increased growth and momentum. If you can find innovative ways of using these codes, you will not only be creating interest but will also be marketing your business at the same time. You can use Social Media and QR-Codes together to get most out of both. For example, create codes that will take potential clients to your Facebook page. People using their camera phone to scan these codes will be directed to your Facebook pages so an ideal way of spreading content could be to print QR-Codes on T-shirts, stickers, business cards, badges and posters that have these codes printed on them. You can distribute this material at conferences to encourage conference delegates to visit your fan pages or add a QR-Code in company newsletters, shop windows and so on.